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Why resolving conflicts are the new success

Personality Colours Reds are competitive, strong willed and control focused, they are mostly interested in getting things done. Greens are enthusiastic, interactive and expressive; they are all about people and fun. Golds are about organizing, analytical, task-oriented and private Blues avoids making mistakes and conflict situations; they are stable, harmonizing and accommodating In general [...]

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Are You Curious? PRISM Brain Map for Innovation at Workplace

Innovation comes from curiosity and curiosity comes from observing, learning and exploring self and other humans. Innovation is an asset in the world of work. Many people from a very young age have a hunger to discover surroundings. It influences their capabilities and abilities to learn from observing and analysing which has/and is helping [...]

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Now is the time – How recruit right candidate in India

What if you can predict organizational and personal performance as a strategic task that is practise towards a self-growth or organizational growth? Only when we know about our own insights, we can visualize our company’s performance in order to get a grip on managing growth of the organization. In order to prepare ourselves for [...]

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Sure fire way to connect with customers

Shweta has recently transitioned to a new role as a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical firm. In her previous role, she had built a successful sales pipeline for her former employer in the financial services industry and was looking for a new challenge and the opportunity in pharma company promised higher salary increments and [...]

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Unlock secrets of emotional intelligence to workplace: New joinees dilemma

Varun was excited when he joined his new company; he had been a rank holder throughout his college and had built a reputation for perfection. During college, he was known to spend hours in the library (and not the canteen). His WhatsApp chats were more to his teachers asking detailed questions on various subjects. [...]

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