Know Theory about behavior preferences

¦¦Know Theory about behavior preferences

Know Theory about behavior preferences

Most people have little insight into what ignites their day-to-day behaviour.

What steer our behaviour?

Often the reason of doing something is the influential forces that drive and direct our behaviour. These are based on a series of tacit beliefs that we have about ourselves. In a way, these self-beliefs determine the direction and intensity to know what are behaviour preferences. Personal preferences come from genes, education, experience, faith and culture. These beliefs or point of view determine what we do, how we do it, and how we see our accomplishments in relation to the rest of the world.

Self-awareness is very powerful

Self –awareness is so powerful that it influences the careers we seek, the relationships we pursue, and ultimately what we do or do not accomplish in life.

Our own behaviour is complex Know behaviour preferences

Ironically, if I asked you to name which behaviour preference influence you the most, you probably wouldn’t know where to begin.

Behaviours are implicit, e.g. you might know that your creative and marvel mind is driving you to peruse school of art but you are also aware that reading and focusing doesn’t interest you anymore. PRISM Brain Map allows you to identify dilemmas of personal theories we have about ourselves to operate automatically and unconsciously so that decision making becomes easy.

Behaviour preferences are not based on mood swings

Behaviour preferences are not religious, political or have secular view point.


How you like your eggs cooked is a preference. It does not depend on what mood you woke up in the morning.

These preferences make our habit. Behaviour preferences are the base of our developed capabilities. We unfortunately think that dreams can come true by positivity and hard work, but we often forget that what are behaviour preferences to achieve that target which is the most important element in order to get real success.


By bringing structure in vivid imagination, responsibility in loyalty, harmony in competition etc you can surprise the world with the unexpected.

PRISM Brain Map

PRISM Brain Map allows you to analyze you, what are behaviour preferences as the way you see yourself so that you can take steps to control or liberate your preferences to adapt preferences that will influence your ability to achieve success.

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To know what are your behaviour preferences,

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About the Author:

Abha Sharma is a content and a fictional story writer. She has a post-graduate degree in Human Resource and Marketing with 3 years of professional experience with C.K. Birla Group and TEDxJaipur. She is currently Product Manager and Content Developer at PRISM Brain Mapping. She is confident that her personal journey will also add value in her style of writing, so people will remember her work forever and become more comfortable in their selves and imagination.