Timely awareness of your strengths prevents colossal career mistakes

¦¦Timely awareness of your strengths prevents colossal career mistakes

Timely awareness of your strengths prevents colossal career mistakes

Preeti discovered her love for people when she was a little girl. She would often walk up to new children in school and make them feel welcome. She excelled in the social subjects and went on to earn a degree in Public Relations in college. She was high spirited and established rapport easily. She was the College Magazine editor, member of the social committee and several groups in college.

Her first job was in an Event Management Company, a realm in which she knew she belonged and a place where she thrived. She worked on several projects and took on all tasks given to her by the Management. She loved her job so much that she would arrive early, stay past quitting time and even worked the weekends.

However, after a couple of years in the role she started growing restless, she found herself to be easily bored and distracted. She felt the challenges of her job did not expand to keep pace with the knowledge she had gained through experience. So, she started looking around for a new job. She interviewed with a company that offered her greater responsibilities including managing teams preparing work schedules, conducting evaluations, planning the works. While the position seemed exciting Preeti was not sure if that’s what she wanted.

Self Awareness Test India

Feeling a bit confused, Preeti searched for a tool that could help her to get a better self awareness test India that’s when Preeti took a PRISM Brain Map Professional inventory.

Taking a PRISM Brain Map inventory online took only 30 minutes, followed by a counseling session with a Certified PRISM Brain Map Practitioner. Preeti realized that she would thrive in a dynamic and changing environment that would allow her to work with her other people and that she had a lesser preference for focusing on detail and routine work. She also understood that she had to guard against being over optimistic and the need to be entertaining and popular to be more effective in her role.

She returned to her job at Event Management company with a new-found purpose and confidence and rose steadily through the ranks doing what she preferred to do.

This is one of the instance where timely awareness of behaviour strengths prevented Preeti from making colossal career mistake.

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