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Why is PRISM different?

Do you have angry reactions to feedbacks instead of being open to it?Are you being closed to new experiences instead to opening to new behaviour preferences?Misunderstandings instead of understanding?Are you overstepping boundaries instead of showing high opinion for them?Being manipulative, dominant, or submissive to express your behavior characteristics?It is the brain's ability to perform all these [...]

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Challenging your own behavior will not leave you needing a lawyer!

A changed attitude and behaviour preference can bring you results. The most important product that we sell daily is not software, technology, real estate or insurance. The most important thing we sell daily is our behaviour. The ones who will buy your behavior preference tool India are people you will come across in the [...]

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How “Blues” are secret ingredient for harmony

Blues play a role in processing sensitivity and support. They are often most friendly and sympathetic. Blues prefer to be process-centred and are helpful and kind. As the introduction said itself, Blue colour personality seems to always have the first port of call for others in need of advice. They maintain a gentle, sensitive [...]

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Let the Ambition do the talking – Reds

Independent and controlling – a high Reds preference. It’s easy for us to recognize people around us who want to control us. Reds prefer to self start with determination and ambition. They seem to be fast-paced, energetic and decisive. High preferences Reds are extremely ambitious and goal-centred that they get annoyed when someone doesn’t [...]

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How creative GREENS can help you live a positive life

Original people drive change and creativity in the world. The best way to describe Greens is Creative. Greens are often lively, positive and enthusiastic. Their mind never slows down. Creative mind is a non-stop machine and they fuel it by intense curiosity and energy. They will seek possibilities everywhere and will constantly take in [...]

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How analytical people changed how we think about Imagination

The best way to describe Golds is Analytical. They have a very quantitative approach  which is based on knowledge, facts and detailed information. A phrase you may hear a lot from Golds – “Let’s take a detailed look at this. Let’s analyze what we’re thinking and doing before we come to a conclusion.” They [...]

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