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Overdoing strengths is the greatest risk

The thumping of a beating heart is often celebrated as nature’s beautifully simple rhythm. And yet, a heartbeat that is too simple and too rhythmic might be a warning sign of congestive heart failure. The strengths no matter how strong are like the appliance you plug into a socket. If you plug an electric guitar, microwave [...]

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Challenging your own behavior will not leave you needing a lawyer!

A changed attitude and behaviour preference can bring you results. The most important product that we sell daily is not software, technology, real estate or insurance. The most important thing we sell daily is our behaviour. The ones who will buy your behavior preference tool India are people you will come across in the [...]

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Identify your color; know your behavior preferences!

PRISM Brain Map is a unique way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences based on their brain activity. Each brain responses and adapts other human behaviour from different perceptions and styles depending on their underlying, adaptive or consistent behaviour. We tend to change our conduct instantly based on situation to situation or person to person, [...]

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