PRISM Brain Mapping is a unique way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences based on their brain activity. Each brain responses and adapts other human behaviour from different perceptions and styles depending on their underlying, adaptive or consistent behaviour. We tend to change our conduct instantly based on situation to situation or person to person, due to our own mood or frame of mind.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s assume that behaviour preference of a person ‘X’ has a colour red ( he prefers results, is direct in his communication, focuses on the outcome, has a win-lose mindset in negotiations, handle strong pressure, is self motivated) and behaviour preference of another person ‘Z’ has a colour green (he prefers a friendly changing environment, more idealistic in his communication, prefers to build relationships first, has a win-win mindset in negotiations, original in thoughts, they find ways their own to solve any problem)

(Colour is a reference to behaviour preferences so that we can identify them later).

Now, let’s assume that ‘X’ and ‘Z’ are having a conversation.

Scene 1

X know his colour but Z doesn’t Or, Vice Versa

Scene 2

Neither X nor Z know their colour.

What do you think will happen at the end of the conversation? Without knowing what is your behaviour preference (colour).

If this conversation was taken in a personal life, this could have result in:

  1. Higher possibility of having an argument
  2. Probable failure in building a rapport
  3. Lack of empathy
  4. Struggle to build a relationship
  5. Incorrect perceptions on outlook

If this conversation was taken in a work life, this could have happened.

  1. Probable failure in building a rapport
  2. Struggle in creating a team
  3. Higher chances of hiring wrong candidate
  4. Struggle making relationships with clients
  5. Chances of Unintentional Misinterpretation
  6. Affects success

Understanding their innate behaviour preferences would allow X and Z to adapt their behaviour preferences and achieve better outcomes.

Understanding what motivates a green – X would have been able to

  1. Provide freedom to lay ideas
  2. Avoid talking about rules and boundaries
  3. Avoid giving lots of details at once

Understanding what reds are motivated by – Z would have been able to

  1. Have a more clearer and ‘to the point’ conversation
  2. Avoid giving excuses and longer explanations
  3. Easily motivate by giving an opportunity

The result would have been-

  1. Avoid common pitfalls
  2. Better connect
  3. Better understanding of each other and motives
  4. Better management
  5. You can open up to your world
  6. Prevents conflict

How to understand behaviour preferences to improve your presence ?

That’s where PRISM Brain Mapping comes into the picture.

More than +10,000 people in India have taken PRISM Brain Mapping to know their behaviour preference (their underlying, adaptive and consistent behaviour) of themselves and other people in order to get self aware or building a team, recruitment, leadership development, sales training, communication skills, emotional intelligence profiling and for many more. Your respond to other people, details of the world and to yourself is the root cause for success or failure in your personal as well as in work life.

PRISM Brain Mapping is based on applications of Neuroscience and to make it easy to understand and non complex, PRISM uses colours to identify behaviour preferences.

PRISM Reports are highly accurate if the responses to the inventory are honest.

What’s more you will also have a Certified PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioner help you understand your report. To find a PRISM Practitioner nearer to your city:

behavior preferences

Read about different PRISM colours and its characteristics based on applied Neuroscience.

Green – Creative and Spontaneous who dislikes Routine

Blue – Sensitive and Sympathetic who dislikes Aggressive behaviour

Red – Controlling and Independent who dislikes Irresponsibility

Gold – Quality focused and accurate who dislikes display of emotions

This is just an example, become self – aware and identify your behaviour preferences in order to improve personal and work life.

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