Blues play a role in processing sensitivity and support. They are often most friendly and sympathetic. Blues prefer to be process-centred and are helpful and kind.

As the introduction said itself, Blue colour personality seems to always have the first port of call for others in need of colour personality

They maintain a gentle, sensitive and friendly personality. Their weapons kit has good listening skills and patience. They understand situations peacefully and try to maintain harmony all the time.

Do not rush a Blue, the pressure to hurry along only add stress to the relationship.They prefer to enjoy life’s moments like Greens but Blues take their time with everything they do.

They prefer peace over conflicts as much as they can. They struggle when dealing with fear of conflict and/or loss of a stable environment. Should conflict exists, they tend to become distressed and prone to worry or anxiety. It is best not to rush Blue colour personality. They function best in easy-going, low-key environment where they can take their time to make decisions. They tend to seek a compromise or avoid making a difficult decision. Blue colour personality put people first, so it is important to communicate with them in a warm and friendly manner.

However if given them a comfortable secure environment and with given support, they will be support and be loyal with the team.

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