Varun was excited when he joined his new company; he had been a rank holder throughout his college and had built a reputation for perfection. During college, he was known to spend hours in the library (and not the canteen). His WhatsApp chats were more to his teachers asking detailed questions on various subjects.

It has been three months since Varun has been in the Company. He was assigned a new Project with a cross functional project team. This was a new project and he still has a lot to learn. However, Varun quickly found that his Project Team Lead did not have the same patience of his teachers to explain all parts of the project to him and neither did he find his colleagues going to the same level of detail on the various tasks that he would get in to.

Emotional Intelligence Work

Varun found himself in a situation where he needed more information to get the job done right, but he really did not know how to present this to his Project Leader. Words like insular, slow moving, cautious were associated with him. In his mind, he saw himself as pain staking, meticulous and orderly and was at a loss that these same traits that made him successful in college were not helping him now.

Varun is not alone; too many people make the mistake of trying to use the same traits or behaviour preferences that they are comfortable with in every situation. When we trace this difficulty back to its source, we can pinpoint two reasons for this behaviour – fear and lack of awareness. Hence the importance of emotional intelligence at work has been underlined in this situation. Varun’s fear of failing and lack of awareness of other options were slowing him down.

PRISM Brain Mapping has been developed by Centre for Applied Neuroscience to give individuals insights in to their behaviour preferences, PRISM Brain Mapping is different from ‘standard’ personality tests as it talks about individual’s behaviour preferences and does not label individuals.

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