Emotional intelligence is the quality that enables us to confront with patience and imagination of many problems which we face in our effective relationship with our self and with other people.

The term emotional intelligence may sound odd; we used to refer to intelligence as a general quality without picking up a particular variety a person might posses. Therefore we highlight the value of a distinctive sort of intelligence which currently does not enjoy the prestige it should.

We have been taught and judged on different types of intelligence when we were in school: Mathematical, linguistic, technical, commercial. We have never taught anything about emotional intelligence; it’s not just a subject. Here is an example:

When we say someone is very cunning but what if they’ve made a mess of their personal lives or they’ve acquire a fortune but are restless and sad or they are powerful but intolerant and unimaginative. We are talking about deficit which deserves to be called emotional intelligence.

In social life we can feel the presence of emotional intelligence in the sensitivity to the mood of others emotions and we recognise from our own interpretation.


Emotional Intelligence Tool

  • A sudden outburst might be a disguise plea for help!
  • A long political rant may be provoked by hunger
  • Forced jolliness/humour could be sign for inner turmoil

In relation with ourselves, emotional intelligence shows a layer around our emotions; especially love, desire, anger, envy, anxiety and professional ambition. The emotional intelligent is less likely to trust in their first impulses or inherent wisdom of their feelings. They know that hate may mask love, that anger may be cover for sadness and we are prone to hugely inaccuracy of what we desire and what we really want.

While emotional intelligence , may seem like inborn talent it is often result of our education and experiences.


  • Our learning from our friends and family
  • What we learn in school/colleges
  • Our experience at work

Research shows that children who have higher emotional intelligence often lead happier lives.

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