The best way to describe Golds is Analytical. They have a very quantitative approach  which is based on knowledge, facts and detailed information. A phrase you may hear a lot from Golds – “Let’s take a detailed look at this. Let’s analyze what we’re thinking and doing before we come to a conclusion.”

They want to analyze everything (situation/data) in an explicit way. This is often driven by their desire to do everything right the first time. They take time to drill a topic down. That way when they present the data, information, or decision, they can be sure they’ve nailed it on the first round.Gold Colour Personality

Golds are highly focused people who don’t tend to waste time in unproductive conversations and engaging with petty behaviour. Golds are self contained and structured, they are not perfect in multi tasking nor do they procrastinate. They push themselves and get what want they want by being punctual, hard-work and being well-organised. They don’t allow distractions to come on their way.

When there is a lack of clarity and details, they will ask a lot of questions and remain cautious before accepting any proposal. Golds don’t rush; they look for errors and perfection before proving a point.

When there is lack of facts and inaccurate information, they might become questioning and rule-bound.

Displaying of emotions and talking about personal matters makes them detached and feeling less. They prefer to be meticulous in whatever they do therefore exaggeration and lack of focus makes them pedantic.

However, if Golds are provided with accurate data with quality inspections and factual reports, they will meet amazing quality based goal with structure and values.

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