Original people drive change and creativity in the world. The best way to describe Greens is Creative. Greens are often lively, positive and enthusiastic.

Their mind never slows down. Creative mind is a non-stop machine and they fuel it by intense curiosity and energy. They will seek possibilities everywhere and will constantly take in information for their creative expression. For a high Green, “nothing is lost”.

However if we observe a high Green, the common habit we might see is that they will work the hours that work for them. They are unstructured and spontaneous.

Green colour personality people are enthusiastic and positive; they embrace their genius even if others don’t. Even if some things shatter down, they have the courage to start things new; fresh that are very conductive to reality.green colour personality

They create in cycles. It could be an adventure, openness to emotions and fantasies, they relate with all. All of this together brings out a drive in them to explore inner and outer world around them.

They live on the edge of joy or gloom. Green Colour Personality People often learn from their own mistakes. Greens visualises from every situations around them, intense conversations or solitary mind wandering. Saying that the Greens are ‘risk takers’ will not be a surprise for you now.

When they can’t get out of their own heads, they overdo their behaviour which makes them lose their track and they become casual and unfocused which leads of disorganization and scattered brain and ultimately they fail to complete a task.

However, if given their preferred creative environment with positivity and people around where they can work lively and free, they will create novel like ideas with their imagination.

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