If I told you that I could give you a pill that would grant you the power to fully and objectively understand yourself and others and to positively influence people, would you want one?

I hope that you will!

While I may not possess such a pill, I can give you something better: guidance to developing self-awareness and through it, your emotional intelligence.

Self-awareness, according to psychology, is the ability to obtain a consistent and rational understanding of oneself through introspection and reflection. When it comes to self-reflection, total objectivity will not be possible. However, if you increase your self-awareness to a sufficient level, you can get near.

self awareness in leaders

I think we should broaden the concept in terms of leadership growth. Knowing yourself critically is just the first step toward self-awareness. The self-awareness loop could be completed by improving yourself based on that experience. Self-awareness has always been a foundational characteristic of successful leaders in my opinion.

Its importance as a leadership quality is immense and so essential

  • Humility and self-awareness go hand in hand. Leaders who are self-aware become humble, allowing them to have a constant desire to change. The ability to recognise and accept that you don’t know anything is intellectual modesty. If they’ve accomplished this, the leader feels confident enough to admit their flaws and ask for support.
  • Self-awareness and modesty, like many other foundational leadership qualities, are infectious. A culture of self-awareness at the organisational level is one that emphasises learning and development.
  • The need for quality improvement necessitates the provision of timely and reliable feedback. 360-degree rating solutions, such as our PRISM 360 degree model, come in handy in this situation.
  • Focusing leadership development on self-awareness often aids in the reduction and elimination of internal conflict in a company. People who are self-aware are more likely to air their complaints and settle conflicts in an empathetic and transparent manner.
  • Leaders that are self-aware inspire others. This is particularly true in unusual or unknown circumstances, where they will not hesitate to allow someone with more experience to take centre stage.

We’re here to help!

‘PRISM Brain Map’ gives you an opportunity to test your self awareness and your emotional intelligence. Backed up by neuroscience, this is an online behavior profiling tool that lets you explore your strengths and weaknesses.

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