“Be willing to change and adapt your behaviour preferences, because if you have decided a goal. Life won’t stay the same.”

We are all aware of the awesome power of setting goals and its ability to enthuse the person to make a change. However we are all too familiar with the inability of people to follow the route to achieve their goals.

Here’s a look at the top 3 reasons why people fail:

1. Inability to adapt a new routine

Often, due to several reasons, a person is unable to change or adapt a routine that serve its professional and personal needs profitably. Often, the practice of delaying work or escapism leads to a vicious cycle of unprofessional-ism as well as low self esteem.

2. Not defining a SMART goal

When you have a goal in your mind to achieve, but very often it may not be properly defined. Setting SMART goals ensures we have a better chance of making the dreams come to reality.

3. Executing the plan

While people often create great plans, they seem to lack the follow through on Whilst, it’s true that change cannot happen overnight – it is equally true that we have to take small steps towards ‘adapting’ to this change. That feeling of liberation and self-actualization will only grow as you will continue to show your ability to adapt new preference in order to achieve success.

By having the ability you can have the freedom:

  • To choose career that moves you
  • Inspire other people for success
  • You can then raise your hands for right things, speak your minds, question authorities, and, most of all, be yourself.

Every instance of stepping outside your comfort zone may not always lead to an incredible sense of discovery and liberation. But it will most likely take you towards the goals that you have aspired for.

How can PRISM Brain Mapping help you to know whether you are in your comfort zone or is it a compliant zone? or How to be successful in life with PRISM Brain Mapping

  • Reliable inventory to understand your strengths in detail for how to achieve success in life. What drives you? What would you love to do, and what do you care about doing if there was nothing getting in your way?
  • Allowing you to understand environment where you will be able to utilize your potential to the best. Don’t do certain tasks simply to do your job right and live in order to fulfill our regular roles and responsibilities for society. Find a place which will boost your abilities in the direction of success according to your preferences.

It can be an unstructured environment, a stable and secure 9 to 5 job, a place that allows you to handle strong pressure or a structured environment that values quality.

  • Allow you to know yourself. Sometimes, we might not want to network or make company-wide presentations, but we know we have to. We might not want to work all weekend, but we’re compelled by the boss’s orders. But if you are focused and adapted a behaviour preference which you know will take you to places then all of this will be just a journey to your success.

Our behaviour preferences are hard to break for a reason: They ground us and bring predictability. But things change, people change, life change, profession and dreams will change – it’s up to you to be adaptable.

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