When was the last time I finished a coffee? Perhaps, I’m the only one, but it would seem my coffee always goes unfinished. There’s something about that last little bit that turns me off. It tastes different and cools off too quickly I suppose.

Now that we’re talking about it, I’m not exactly certain of the last time I finished anything. I have more than a handful of opened books and half-finished thoughts tagged in my journal. There are work projects lying strewn about appearing to be abandoned and there are deadlines I often miss.

For most of my life, I didn’t consider myself to be particularly focused or responsible. I was never a serious-minded, I preferred to behave as my instincts said and worked pretty well for me but today looking at all these unfinished projects, I wonder what did I miss or why can I not argue with my preferences anymore. I wasn’t skilled at mathematics or measurements, or really anything that involved the words “organized” or “precise” or “watchful”.learn yourself

Until I took PRISM Brain Mapping, I discovered that focus and punctuality was something that could be developed. Over the next months, I guarded my overdone strengths like enthusiasm and creativity and channelized into looking for errors, following clear instructions and focusing on facts.

I’ve learned and to express one simple truth: you have brilliance inside of you, but only if you can find the guts and a right tool to pull it out of yourself.

So, I’m going to finish. This week one project. Next week another. A few more sometime after that. No new starts. Just finishing. Putting a close to the bulk of clutter on my desk as the year draws to a close.

You can share PRISM Brain Mapping with anyone you think would need help in progress with personal and work life, to improve performance or boost self-awareness.

PRISM Brain Map’s objective is to help you learn more about yourself and your behaviour preferences so that you will be able to exploit your strengths to your best advantage and also minimize the likely impact of those strengths if they are overdone. The more you understand how you approach situations, the better you will be able to work to your full potential and make decisions that result in greater satisfaction.

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