With the recent victory of India’s U19 Boy’s national cricket team at the World Cup, Rahul Dravid is the man of the hour. But the key here is that this is not Rahul Dravid’s singular moment of glory. For any sports-loving Indian, Rahul Dravid is a household name, and for good reason. The man has single handedly saved India from matches where all hope was lost: such deeds go a long way with an Indian Cricket lover’s sentiments.

There are some qualities that determine the greatness of a human being, and not necessarily the amount of monetary success that individual accumulates.Thus these qualities serve as a common factor in almost every great individual in the history of humanity. One such quality is Mental Strength.

Due to the growing awareness of the connection between behavioral preferences and business success, PRISM brain mapping has come up with a tool to make use of this crucial connection. PRISM sees the benefits that this connection could have for any individual, team or organization in the long run.

PRISM brain mapping allows us to analyze and understand the competency areas that affect the Mental Strength of an individual. In this analysis, we showcase how Rahul Dravid, the man behind the success of India’s U19 World Cup success, always exemplified abundance in each of these aspects:


Self-belief is knowing one’s strengths as well as weaknesses to understand exactly when to step up and when to take a behind-the-scenes position. Rahul Dravid has mastered the art of knowing exactly how and more importantly WHERE he can help contribute to a team’s success; he could have chosen to coach the Indian National Team, but instead he chose to coach the U19 team as he knew that’s where he could provide the best of his behavioral strengths and coaching abilities. And that is self-belief.


Does everyone remember that legendary Test match against Australia in which India was forced to follow on (forgive the jargon). Then when the Indian batsmen took to the pitch for the second time, something miraculous happened. Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman created a partnership that not only saved India the match, but led India to WIN the match. Believing in a positive outcome even when the world sees all hope as lost is Optimism.


Dravid established himself first as one of the greatest Test batsmen early in his career. But the true testament to his undying ambition comes after that. He adapted himself more suitably to the shorter format of the game: ODI. Before the end of his career, Rahul Dravid not only established himself as a fearsome one day international batsman with nerves of steel, but eventually even a strategic T20 cricketer with the aggressively of a hawk.


Focus on constantly getting better throughout their career: that is the only way a sporting legend can be born. Rahul Dravid’s position as one of cricket’s great legends is a testament to his determination.


This singular quality is what made him such a force in Test cricket batting. Whatever the conditions, however good the bowling attack, Rahul Dravid would not give up his wicket.  His resilience is what earned him his very apt nickname: The Wall.


This quality is what led Rahul Dravid to perfecting his skills and maintaining a healthy life balance. While talking about the condition of youth cricket in India after his U19 team’s world cup success, Dravid mentioned his dislike for focusing “too heavily on cricket alone” in children and the families of these children.

This shows the value he emphasizes on being a good manager of life; self-management.


Independence is the first step in becoming tougher as a person. The more you rely on yourself, the more you are forced to become stronger and more efficient as a person. Rahul Dravid not only exemplified this trait, but he also encourages this trait in all his mentees. The U19 Boys under him have been instilled with the value of self-reliance by their ever-efficient coach Rahul Dravid.


Rahul Dravid’s competitive drive was proven a long time ago by being selected into the Playing 11 in the National Cricket team of a country with a population of a billion hearts, all beating to the tune of cricket: India. After that first mountain was climbed, Rahul Dravid continued to exemplify his tremendous sense of competitiveness by being the Indian Cricket team’s Go-to player, contributing to the team’s success in every possible manner.


The Indian team lacked a quality wicketkeeper-batsman for a few years in the early 2000s. Rahul Dravid wasted no time in understanding that he had the caliber and team spirit to take on a role that no ordinary cricketer could fill: he took on the role of the wicketkeeper for the national team just so that the team would not be hurt by the absence of another specialist batsman. This is adaptability at its finest.

Rahul Dravid may be one of the gifted individuals who acquired all the above qualities on his own… or MAYBE he had someone help him with them that we do not know about. That is almost always the case with success stories; a secret help that the world is not aware of.

Let PRISM Brain Mapping be that ‘secret help’ for you.

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