The more effort we put, the more we get out of life but of course it isn’t true for a man who is cutting a tree from a wrong direction – the tree will fall on his head.

Even if you are headed in a wrong direction, it’s nothing to worry!

Imagine that we try to fall asleep.  We prepare ourselves in right way, in the right position and get comfortable. But even after that we sometimes cannot sleep, you cannot force it to happen anyway. In fact, it always comes the other way around. The harder you try, the less sleepy you become. It’s only when we stop trying that we finally let go and drift off and before we know it we’re waking up the next morning feeling refreshed, relaxed after a good night’s sleep.neuroscience based tool

It’s a very similar story when we are training the mind.

A nice metaphor for this is the idea of taming a wild horse. If you look at how a wild horse is tamed.

Rather than pinning horse down in one place. The horse is let on a very long rope and put in a big open, spacious field. The horse runs around feeling like it’s got all the space in the world. But very slowly rope is pulled in and the horse adjusts to this feeling until it comes to a natural place of rest.

PRISM Brain Mapping tool – Neuroscience in India, specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences. Behaviour preferences are directly related to personal relationships and work performance. You can try PRISM brain mapping test online.PRISM does not pin down personalities in one place but instead allow us to stop overdoing strengths or help us focus on areas that require attention for achieving success based on your current behavioural preferences.

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