It’s a story of 1973.

Stephen, was called a ‘Psycho’ at work

He was a clerk in a Wall Street law office and was essentially having a nervous breakdown. He categorically refuses to do any of the work assigned to him.

He used to sleep in the office, over time; it became clear that he has taken up residence in the office. Still, the lawyer who runs the firm keeps him on, primarily out of pity till he hasn’t fired him.

His interactions with his colleagues were hilarious. Mostly about his own ‘made up’ stories on how work is not just work, but life.

Imagine yourself with a lot of zeal but no clear passion, and no one seems to acknowledge seeing how hard you’re trying to succeed. You work in a company where you do not get paid much – life of Stephen was something like that. But still he continuously strive to keep a career.neuroscience research

His Boss’s dedication on the other hand for his Business is arguably symbolic of his desires to fix the things that went wrong in his organization. In simple words, consequences of his behaviour in the office:

  • Stephen’s Boss started giving him succinct instructions but with sarcasm.
  • Everyone started talking behind his back but Stephen never really cared because for him it was tempting to sacrifice his dignity and morality to achieve the kind of wealth and success he always hoped he would have.
  • His Boss hired new employees over Stephen; (an organization is ultimately a community of people whose lives and struggles are not based on anyone’s personal feeling. Organizations don’t shut down because of anyone.)

Stephen understood with time that the work often gets tied up with our personal lives, until there is no boundary between the personal and work life, but it was too late for him to realize.

He became a self made man. You don’t have to read the story again to guess that Stephen is dubious about the means by which supposedly self-made men succeed.

Afterwards, over time, he was caught up with a shady business transaction and ended up in prison.

Stephen’s story shows how life is like when no one seems to recognize how hard you’re trying to succeed.

There were and are many Stephens even today who are struggling hard with a never giving up attitude, but are they all achieving success?

We are living in 2018, in modern society with unanticipated consequences of new technologies. E.g. Neuroscience research has proved that brain is extremely elastic and has the capacity to change.

If Stephen’s Boss or even Stephen’s had a tool which could tell descriptions of his behaviour preferences, he would have been able to exploit his strengths to his best given environment, with advantages and minimized the likely impact of overdone strengths. He would have surprised himself and his company with improved effectiveness but instead he ended up using his strengths with a preference which did not allowed him to think about certain aspects of his behaviour.

Neuroscience research made it possible for us today to highlight a behavioural preference between delight and discomfort through latest neuroscience technologies including online access and representations of individual’s brain hemisphere’s relationships, telling how a person will behave to achieve success.

If you are dealing with an eccentric co-worker, you now have a solution.

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