What if you can predict organizational and personal performance as a strategic task that is practise towards a self-growth or organizational growth?

Only when we know about our own insights, we can visualize our company’s performance in order to get a grip on managing growth of the organization. In order to prepare ourselves for what next comes in an organization, we need to endure our own jumbled thoughts. A human insight can change the way how organization is likely to perform.

What is PRISM Brain Mapping?

PRISM Brain Mapping is specially-designed to understand different behavioural preferences of a human in different situations from different points of view. Based upon a human perceived intelligence level, personality traits and ability to carry out certain tasks, PRISM Brain Mapping reports illustrates the dynamic interactions that takes place within the brain and is based on neuroscience.

How is it benefited for Recruiters?

PRISM Brain Mapping cut through the hogwash that most job candidates boast in the interview room, and provide a neuroscience-based snapshot indicating how well those workers would actually perform on the job and hence helps desired candidates separate from rest of the candidates those are not suitable for the position when hiring.

It’s not difficult to see why recruiters are so eager on adapting PRISM Brain Mapping because it’s simple to understand and save a ridiculous amount of time. Sitting down with someone in an interview face-to-face is usually the best way to try and size them up. But when you’ve got 2,000 candidates struggle for a just a few jobs, it’s impossible to give everyone the face time they deserve. Taking PRISM Brain Mapping can save your company a lot of time, money and frustration. If it wasn’t for PRISM, it can take well-staffed HR department weeks to try and weed out the time-wasters from a hefty pile of job applications. Whereas PRISM Brain Mapping is a quick, online, plug and play instrument that can achieve the same result in seconds. PRISM Brain Mapping is designed to drastically reduce a long list of candidates in the blink of an eye.

How is it benefited for Candidates?

Not just the recruiters, there are plenty of employees out there that benefit from PRISM Brain Mapping, too. For one thing that it’s more or less impossible to lie to the inventory. Candidates can’t fake talents, or intelligence – and so PRISM Brain Mapping is a great way to help employers by providing comfort for candidates that are having an off day. For those who don’t get selected and have a destroying experience after choking in an interview. PRISM reflects the areas of focus to work more potentially and to minimise the likely impact of strengths if overdone.


At the end of the day, finding Mr. / Miss. Perfect employee is still a task– due to lack of limited data about PRISM Brain Mapping which is unavailable and due to plenty of people out there who express unfavourable opinion about different instruments yet finding some sort of scientific discovery to get rid of issues relating recruitment. They do strategise recruitment process based upon a set of stringent algorithms – and that can be extraordinarily useful. But it also means that they are still missing out on a potential element which people don’t realize and is one of the reasons why employees are leaving jobs, undergoing conflicts and have work related displeasure.

Now is the time

Sometimes it’s important to welcome new techniques which claim to resolve the problem being faced by the organizations/business/industries during interviews, appraisals, quarrel between employees etc. It’s a very old saying, “opposite attracts”. One has to dive in the ocean if he/she has the passion of finding pearls rather than living with stones. Whereas likeminded organizations often fall victim to the mind-numbing sameness of groupthink, an office full of clashing personalities will go on to produce far more innovative collaborations.

Think about it

Do you want someone that fits perfectly into the mould of your company culture, or do you want someone that’s capable of demonstrating a little individuality?

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