Our programs are a combination of learning methodologies, generating and application of ideas to ‘live’ management issues.

creating an opportunity to transfer learning to the workplace.

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PRISM Brain Mapping enabled experiential programs are a combination of practical experience with progressive business thinking that motivate and challenge the participants to work together effectively and efficiently.

Our programs are a combination of learning methodologies, generation and application of ideas to ‘live’ management issues thus creating an opportunity to transfer learning to the workplace.

If you are a corporate looking to:

  • Entertain customers, or
  • Generate team spirit with the customers and own team, or
  • Create a memorable finale to a conference, or
  • Run an incentive event, or
  • Quite simply organizing a fun day out for the entire team
  • Build and sustain high performance teams
  • Bridge the strategy-to-performance gap
  • Inculcate planning & coordination skills within a team
  • Boost confidence and trust within team members

Why are we different

Standard Program PRISM Brain Mapping enabled
Experiential Learning Workshops
Understanding Specific Clients Needs
Proprietary content backed by extenstive research
Internationally Certified Coaches
Extensive post learning interaction
Fully equipped own facilities
Flexibility to effectively deliver solutions to client chosen locations

Our unique experiential learning programs enable participants to learn and experience the challenges in untried areas. This not only helps to enhance behavioral skills and qualities of an individual, but they also bring out hidden aspects of an individuals personality.

The interactive sessions, creative and innovative team building activities, confidence building courses, leadership, treasure hunts, camp fires, high ropes courses all help in building confidence among the participants and relate effectively with their work environments.

Our programs are designed to help participants gain powerful and immediate insights into their work situation, to bond and relate with their colleagues thus enhancing the team spirit, inculcating leadership, planning, communication and delegating skills, enabling the teams to take calculated risks driving out the fear factor and allowing the participants to enjoy the activities.

Need a high point for your workshop – how about a Drum jam

Our Drum jam’s focused, exciting interactive sessions offer a unique blend of the many and varied benefits of drumming and percussion including an unparalleled opportunity to improve communication, reduce stress levels, express feelings, break down barriers within groups, increase confidence and foster a community spirit within teams.

Drumming is something everyone and every culture can relate to and which relaxes, energizes and motivates in a way most team building companies cannot explain.

PRISM Brain Mapping enabled experiential offsite programs / offsite team building programs can be run at our facility Dudhsagar Spa & Resorts, Mollem, Goa. Our team also has experience of running off sites at various client locations around the world.

Customize your own team building programs for maximum effectiveness with the help of PRISM Brain Mapping.

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