Individual Emotional Intelligence – Silver

Individual Emotional Intelligence – Silver


Recent studies indicate that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) influences behaviour in a wide range of domains including school, community, and the workplace.

At the individual level, it is believed to relate to academic achievement, work performance, our ability to communicate effectively, solve everyday problems, build meaningful interpersonal relationships, and even our ability to make moral decisions.

Emotional competence refers to the personal and social skills that define how effectively individuals perceive, understand, reason with and manage their own and others’ emotions and feelings.

These skills are important at work, because emotions are an inherent part of workplace activities at all levels.

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Research has found that the primary causes of derailment in management careers involve deficits in emotional competence. The three primary ones are difficulty in handling change, not being able to work well in a team, and poor interpersonal relations.
Your tailormade report will summarize your personal preference for each of the eight elements which make up the overall PRISM Emotional Intelligence model and is based solely on his own self perception of his Emotional Intelligence strengths.

What will you get in Silver

Introduction Pages
8-Dimensional Map – Underlying
8-Dimensional Map – Consistent
8-Dimensional Map – Adapted
Introversion / Extroversion Profile
Dimension Key Points
Personal Narrative – Full
Job/Benchmark Comparison Map
Work Preference Profile
Work Aptitude/Work Environment Report
Quadrant Colour Characteristics
Career Development Analysis
Emotional Intelligence Report
The Big Five Report
Mental Toughness Report