Corporate Recruit Right – Bronze

Corporate Recruit Right – Bronze


PRISM Job Benchmarking is the science of clearly defining superior performance in a role and then using objective criteria to help determine which candidate would be the ‘best fit’. In essence, it is the science of matching the person who is most suitable for the vacancy in terms of behavioural strengths, work aptitude and work environment preferences.

PRISM Job Benchmarking is a simple process that will ultimately help you to identify those candidates who have high performance potential for specific roles in your organisation. It is a process that goes deeper than conventional recruitment methods and creates not only a comprehensive picture of which candidate is most suitable, but also clarifies those elements of the job that are critical for performance excellence. It is not designed to identify or measure a candidate’s eligibility for a role.

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Now bring the benefit of applied neuroscience to your recruiting process. When recruiting a candidate evaluating the technical skills is comparatively easy, but when it comes to comparing the suitability criteria like behaviours that are critical for success in a role then the evaluation becomes subjective.

What will you get in Bronze

Pricing – Regular – 11,250 7,500
Compare 5 candidates
Set 2 benchmarks
Candidate Map with Benchmark
Identify short list of candidates in ‘Best Fit’
Job/Role Benchmark vs. Actual Candidate Map
Work Aptitude Overview with Benchmark
PRISM Career Development Analysis with Benchmark
Feedback from a Certified PRISM Brain Map Practitioner – Optional, extra