Independent and controlling – a high Reds preference. It’s easy for us to recognize people around us who want to control us. Reds prefer to self start with determination and ambition. They seem to be fast-paced, energetic and decisive.Red colour personality

High preferences Reds are extremely ambitious and goal-centred that they get annoyed when someone doesn’t follow their advice in order to complete a task.

Red colour personality people prefers results which might drive them to compete with determination and authority which makes them daring and direct. They like to work independently because they are quick to seize opportunities that allow them to produce the best result. They possess a remarkable ability to thrive in difficult and demanding environments.

Red Colour personality People are irritated by anything that they perceive to be a waste of their time. They have a little tolerance for long, repetitive discussions, particularly when firm decisions are not reached so that tasks can get underway immediately. It is best not to mention anything to Reds which can’t or won’t take place until well into the future, because they will frustrate if they can’t start on it right away.

If competition and their role are set in advance with clear instructions, they will go out their way create results by making decisions and negotiating conditions to achieve goals.

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