Cristiano Ronaldo ranks first among UEFA European Championship.

Lionel Messi has the second-most goals scored (97) of all the time in the European Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Do you realise why these players are able to win millions of hearts. When they initially started playing, they were not happy just with the medals and popularity– They wanted something more.

They spent years analyzing each and every performance to see where they could get those few extra points and discovered what separated the best in the world from everybody else.

1. Success is Psychological

Our brain & mind set determine whether we are going to be successful or fail, even in sports which is predominantly (for the most part) as a display of physical skill. Athletics are pitted against one another to determine who’s the fastest, strongest or most skilful but the real battles are fought in the minds of players.

I see myself as the best footballer in the world. If you don’t believe you are the best, then you will never achieve all that you are capable of – Cristiano  Ronaldo

As a footballer, you always test yourself against the best – David Beckham

I’ve always wanted to be a footballer, and I’ve always believed that’s the path I was going to go down – Harry Kane

2. Success is in mind of players

  • Players don’t manage to remain no 1 in the world for entire career to win medals or because they work harder or have better techniques than everybody else. It is because they are mentally stronger when it really matters.

“Strength of character has an enormous role to play in everybody’s journey to success regardless of the field you are into”.

  • Talent genetics and natural intellect are highly overrated; it’s a person’s mental toughness that will see him/her reach ambitious goals. Even when we face great diversity, this is fantastic news because this is something we could work on, develop grit and resolve how we do it.

Football players know that they could beat any competitor otherwise they’ve lost before even starting to play. Only in sports people expect to succeed instead of trying not to fail which is a really important distinction. Our thought process rules how successful we are going to be.

3. Success doesn’t come from training companies

Confidence building is a phase which is often thrown around nowadays and every training company seem to be offering confidence building to employees, managers, leaders, students, and sports people.

What is self-awareness then? We’re running before we know how to walk. We need to build solid foundations before we can start constructing the walls; the foundation for success is self-awareness. Every player has a range of mental tools and techniques, from self-talk, anger-management to self-awareness that aren’t visible to cameras or the fans in the stands, but their impact certainly is which makes them successful.

4. Mistakes that we often make

With relationships, friendships and business meetings we spend a lot of time getting to know the other person but we rarely spend that same time and effort on ourselves.

E.g. Most of us, we know ourselves at very basic level; likes, dislikes, I hate mushrooms and rap music for example but i love chocolate and travelling. Some know body quite well, you know how your body react to certain stimuli & and what you need to do get most out of it

  • We don’t know a lot about our own mind. We don’t focus on our thought process. Do you know what motivates you? What drives you? Do you understand the effect that your thought process has on your behaviour? Do you know how you react in stressful high pressure situations? Do you why you succeed and why you fail.
  • We don’t tend to think about the way we think contrary to popular belief talking to yourself is not the first sign of madness.

5.  Know what is self-awareness

  • We all engage in internal dialogue with ourselves.
  • We maintain whole conversations with ourselves vocalizing our thoughts which influences the way we behave.
  • Our internal voice shatters away and it tells us what we believe.
  • We take that as fact.

We believe it and this then influences our behaviour we are what we think.

6. Key to Success

  • First we need to understand our thought process.
  • Understand what makes you tick and what send into spiralling into a downward circle of despair.
  • Important: What makes you think positively about yourself what makes you believe in yourself and to learn what is self-awareness
  • Understand that if you don’t know what you’re thinking, then it’s impossible to change the way you think
  • Believe: It’s going to be really difficult.
  • Therefore to build up a confidence and develop a mental toughness is thekey to succeed.

PRISM helps you to understand areas where you can improve upon for your performance because if you don’t know that, how are you ever going to improve on them.

PRISM allows you to realise, accept, and appreciate your strengths and if overdone, it also allow you to work on areas which stops your strengths into becoming a weakness.


Success is achieved by realising your strength. Weakness is nothing but overdoing of your strengths. Once you know your potencies, you can then come up with a strategy to develop them further so that you can reach your overall objectives through that.

Self-awareness is the foundation for success – answer to the biggest question, what is self-awareness. PRISM is about taking a long hard look at yourself without any judgement so we can adapt that will have a positive impact.

That inner voice has been ignored for far too long now. It’s time to start managing your strength.

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