Shweta has recently transitioned to a new role as a sales representative for a large pharmaceutical firm. In her previous role, she had built a successful sales pipeline for her former employer in the financial services industry and was looking for a new challenge and the opportunity in pharma company promised higher salary increments and greater job satisfaction.

As a hands-on sales rep, Shweta, had built her network in the financial services industry based on her personal connects with her clients, her mild mannered and sensitive approach and her enhanced effectiveness at work allowed her to close sales with her prospects and unlike her colleagues she never had to take a lot of support of the ‘technical’ charts and graphs to convince her prospects to purchase financial products.

Her Company had recently developed a new drug to treat cancer. With high sales potential, she enthusiastically started contacting doctors and surgeons to endorse this drug. However, she found the going tough, though she was persistent and picked herself up from every rejection, she found that the doctors who were often pressed for time did not really have time for chit chat and they were more focused on the ‘technical’ aspects of the products rather than focus on the ‘softer’ aspect of the conversation.

Set back a bit, she remained undaunted in her determination. She continued calling on doctors to sell her product to them. Evaluating her call sheet, the Sales Manager quickly understood the problem and to help Shweta he had her take the PRISM Brain Mapping inventory, looking at her Brain Mapping Shweta realized that she had a higher preference for empathy and her sales style was more ‘feeling oriented’ while her customers had a strong preference for the ‘analytical’ and preferred to deal with facts. Armed with this knowledge Shweta tweaked her presentation style and found her audience to be more receptive to her message.

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PRISM Brain Mapping is helping companies around the world to enhance the effectiveness  at work of their sales teams. By helping sales reps to understand the customers preferred ways of communication, PRISM Brain Mapping enables the reps to ‘tune’ their messages on the same frequency as their customers, thus ensuring a better connect and a higher prospect of a sale.

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