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  • Are you in classes 9-12? Or just want a change of career?
  • Are you confused about what career to choose?
  • Have you consulted career counselors but are still confused about your career stream?
  • Do you wish for a more scientific way that can tell your true brain personality?

If any of the above answers is YES, then this is for you!

Remember career is a lifelong choice- choose wisely, choose scientifically.
Let the power of neuroscience help you solve your dilemma.

Career Match

The better you know yourself, the more likely you will be able to make good career decisions and feel confident about the direction you’re moving in towards.
You get to choose from career options based on your strengths and achieve job satisfaction.

What Is Prism Career Match?

PRISMCareer Match’ is an online career exploration instrument specifically designed to enable users to match their behaviour, work aptitude and work environment preferences to a wide range of potential careers.

What Does a ‘career Match’ Report Include?

  • A 8 Dimensional Brain Map portraying the candidate’s natural behavior preferences.
  • An introversion/extraversion scale to determine your personality type.
  • Summary of your report.
  • Career development report.
  • Work aptitude and work environment report to help you understand your work style.

Apart from these, the individual’s four main behavioural dimensions can be compared with benchmarks of suitable careers from a database of almost 900 jobs.

The database can be accessed online to provide information on tasks, work activities, knowledge, skills, abilities, work styles and education for each job.

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career Match

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