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Things your school didn’t teach you is Emotional Intelligent

Emotional intelligence is the quality that enables us to confront with patience and imagination of many problems which we face in our effective relationship with our self and with other people. The term emotional intelligence may sound odd; we used to refer to intelligence as a general quality without picking up a particular variety [...]

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The strain with Behavioural Neuroscience India is that it’s really very complex, scientific, long words, not always accessible. PRISM Brain Mapping brought it in a very simple and flexible way using personal tones for anyone to understand. The reports use Map, graphs, and colours to illustrate the behaviour preferences based on neuroscience. PRISM Brain [...]

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Curiosity is the Skill for Developing Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence? The ability of individuals to identify own and other people's emotions, by recognizing different feelings and classifying them appropriately, using information of emotional intelligence skills to guide thinking and behavior, and managing/adjusting emotions to adapt to environments. When I realize it/ what I did I was certainly one of them [...]

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Unlock secrets of emotional intelligence to workplace: New joinees dilemma

Varun was excited when he joined his new company; he had been a rank holder throughout his college and had built a reputation for perfection. During college, he was known to spend hours in the library (and not the canteen). His WhatsApp chats were more to his teachers asking detailed questions on various subjects. [...]

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