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PRISM brain map is a behaviour profiling tool and enables individuals who take a PRISM inventory to understand their behaviour and how to adapt their behaviour for best results.

Delegates on PRISM Brain Map certification programs learn how to interpret PRISM Brain Maps, how does brain activity link to behaviour, how to send and retrieve PRISM inventories, how to work with PRISM in Corporates, education institutions or even with individuals.

PRISM Brain Map is a behaviour profiling tool and helps individuals understand their behaviour preferences it does not provide psychology treatment and is not a substitute for medical attention.

PRISM Brain Map inventories can be completed online, the reports are available online and can also be printed.

Each PRISM Brain Map report (except 4D) comes with a personalised narrative that provides insights to individuals in their behaviour preferences, what are the strengths associated with those behaviours and how they may adapt their behaviour for maximum effectiveness.

It is recommended to have a session with a Certified PRISM Brain Map Practitioner to understand the action areas before making changes.

Typically it is recommended to complete a PRISM Brain Map inventory every 12 months.
A PRISM Brain Map inventory will map your behaviour preference across four broad dimension areas, different versions of PRISM inventories will provide additional insights into individual behaviours.
PRISM Brain Map is an excellent tool to enhance business performance – it can help to improve profitability by effective recruitment using benchmarking, improve productivity of employees by helping them understand their behaviour preferences, reduce attrition by creating conducive work environment.

PRISM Brain Map offers a unique organisation culture inventory tool to help respondents understand their organisation’s culture.

Also by understanding an individuals own behaviour it helps them to adapt their behaviours to be suitable to the situation and to work better with their colleagues.

PRISM Brain maps helps you to understand your behaviour preference and those of your family members, once you have a better understanding of their behaviour preference you can adapt your behaviour to ensure that you have better understanding of how to motivate them, what is likely to turn them off, what will turn them on.

Corporate self-awareness tools are designed for use by the corporate warriors to help them get a better understanding of how their behaviour affects their work environment and their performance at work

Education self-awareness tools are ideal for students pursuing higher education to understand their career preferences, helping young adults to work better in teams and to boost their self esteem and self-confidence by understanding their behaviours

Individual self-awareness is for general use for individuals wanting to get a better awareness of their behaviour preferences including their most and least preferred behaviours to help boost their individual effectiveness.

PRISM provides a way for a person to objectively analyze themselves. Once we are aware of our own self, it will change the way we look at the world. Knowing oneself leads to the inner peace of a different kind. Aristotle had once said, “knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom”. We firmly believe we can help an individual in achieving this wisdom.

PRISM can help you in your work/professional life in several ways. Here are a few of them:

1) There are various approaches to being a good leader, PRISM will provide you the knowledge based on which you can choose your own approach.

2) Understanding your preferences will help you understand the kind of tasks you should take up and the kind of tasks you should be delegating.

3) Self awareness increases self-confidence which is a crucial aspect of succeeding in a work place.

4) Understanding aspects of human behavior helps communication and the ability to connect with different types of people.

PRISM is a mechanism that provides feedback on your behavior based on the answers you give to a set of specific questions designed through the process of applied neuroscience. The 360 degree package contains the overall performance review of an entire team. It is not a learning seminar; it contains assessment instruments.

It is not something that you have to consume, so no side effects.

The faculty self awareness enables the faculty in educational institutes (schools, colleges, etc) to use their behavioral preferences in order to understand how best they can convey information to students. Like any form of leadership, teaching can also take various different approaches. The faculty self awareness will help educational staff choose the appropriate approach for them based on their own behaviours.

The knowledge of your behavioral preferences will enlighten a person to the reasons why certain emotions are triggered in them.  This knowledge is available in the PRISM inventory report and provides an individual with the capacity to be aware of, control and express one’s emotions, and to handle one’s interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

Improving your competitiveness comes down to how comfortable you are with what you have to offer. PRISM inventory can help you to get on the track of self-awareness, which in turn will lead to you being a more dynamic, competitive and self-confident individual.

No, the questions will remain the same for each person. Hence providing a consistent and objective analysis.

Yes. PRISM can help you understand what is the right career path for you based on your preferences. Once you know the right career path for you, the chances of getting better job placements automatically increase.
The answers you give in a PRISM inventory, will be plotted in a map with 4 sections (colors). Each color represents a particular aspect of human behavior. The scores that you receive in each of these sections illustrate a trend in your behavior. The trend indicates which parts of the 4 parts do you show more inclination towards. Therefore the 4D map is a map that illustrates a person’s behavioural preferences graphically and quantitatively.
When it comes to recruitment, we believe in a simple equation: Eligibility + Suitability = The Right Candidate.

As far as the eligibility factor goes, an aptitude provides you with that knowledge. However, the PRISM brain Mapping takes care of the other factor in the equation: suitability. Making a candidate take the PRISM inventory will enable you to understand whether the particular candidate is the “right candidate” for your firm based on his suitability.

Yes it can. Having a team full of individuals who know exactly what they want from life, increases their enthusiasm and efficiency. This leads to an increase in productivity

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It is important to understand that taking a PRISM Brain Map inventory is a first step towards self development, once there is better understanding of behaviours it requires the applicant to work on the identified areas to drive change in their behaviour.

You can view sample PRISM Brain Map reports online to get a perspective of what your PRISM Brain Map report would look like and its contents. However, due to the nature of the inventories you are unable to take a ‘sample’ – you can rest assured in light of the fact that PRISM measures 0.9 on reliability scale and is used by well known MNCs in almost 26 countries. Read our testimonials to hear people’s experiences with PRISM Brain Map.
Yes, you can get certified as a PRISM Brain Map Practitioner and provide debriefs and counselling to clients.

PRISM Brain Map is an online inventory which means you can complete it from anywhere if you have Internet connection, so even from the comfort of your home or from your office desk or in the school. You are always welcome to visit the PRISM office to complete the PRISM Brain Map inventory.

There are no set screening criteria to become certified as PRISM Brain Map Practitioner. A simple curiosity, sound logic, basic understanding of language and enthusiasm to work with other people are useful to get certified. Since a client may not understand the entire report due to the vocabulary or other factors, a practitioner can simplify the knowledge and explain to the client exactly what they need to know from their report.