‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioner Program now goes online

The International Certification Program covers how ‘PRISM Brain Map’ uses the latest neuro-scientific research and how it links graphically to brain activity.

Download the brochure to know more details

    Download the brochure to know more details

      ‘PRISM Brain Map’ applications are demonstrated during the training, enabling the practitioner to appreciate the wide range of uses of ‘PRISM Brain Map’, which has been described as the “Swiss Army Knife” for the modern professionals: one tool – many applications.

      It gives an individual a deeper insight to the ‘PRISM Brain Map’ system, a neuro-scientific way to meet Personal and Professional objectives. The license will get the ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioner listed in the ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Global Directory and will enable them to practice ‘PRISM Brain Map’ worldwide competently and confidently.

      • Online learning
      • Case studies
      • Role play videos
      • One-to-one consultation on applying ‘PRISM Brain Map’ to your practice area

      The benefits of getting certified are:

      • Opportunity to interact with ONE of the ONLY FOUR Master Practitioners across globe – HEMANG LAAHERU (Director of ‘PRISM Brain Map’ South Asia).
      • Purchase and administer the questionnaires, access a range of ‘PRISM Brain Map’ suite of products, interpret the results and conduct feedback sessions with employees.
      • Be able to purchase and administer the questionnaire and other restricted materials, interpret the results and conduct feedback sessions with individuals and groups.
      • Use ‘PRISM Brain Map’ materials in a participative and compelling style, as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of the various outputs and how they are interpreted.
      • Use your knowledge of the instrument to deliver ‘PRISM Brain Map’ interventions in a wide range of situations and to address workplace issues.
      • Be able to use your knowledge of the instrument to deliver ‘PRISM Brain Map’ enabled interventions in a wide range of situations and to address workplace issues.
      • Create a common language for development within your Organisation/for your clients.

      After getting certified you get:

      • Ability to practice ‘PRISM Brain Map’ globally
      • Complimentary credits that would be useful to buy maps
      • E-learning modules
      • Access to the ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioner Support Centre
      • Get listed on the Global ‘PRISM Brain Map’ directory
      • A sales course to sell ‘PRISM Brain Map’ effectively
      • Guidance from ‘PRISM Brain Map’ in the initial stages of counselling
      • 24*7 support system for your convenience

      For more information regarding ‘PRISM Brain Map’ contact us on +91 9819 714 238 [Mon-Sat 9.30am-6.30pm (IST)], Email: [email protected]

      Master Practitioner ‘PRISM Brain Map’ – ‘Hemang Laaheru’

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      ‘Hemang Laaheru’
      ‘Hemang Laaheru’Program Director – 'PRISM Brain Map'
      Hemang is an experienced Business Coach and Trainer known for his measured and precision analysis and feedback along with individual counselling skills which compare with the best internationally. He is a highly skilled Management Graduate with more than 14 years of experience in the formulation, expansion and implementation of high-level strategies relating to people and business in diverse verticals like Retail, Wellness, Logistics and Talent Development in the UK, Singapore, and India.

      His ability to use the ‘PRISM Brain Map’ tool to enhance interventions from recruitment to team building to creating organisation culture processes in companies make him a very much desired facilitator. In addition, his experience in working with ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioners in diverse areas and his ability to apply ‘PRISM Brain Map’ to the different work areas help Practitioners to expand their horizons.

      Hemang is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati and is responsible for the Certification of all ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioners in India and working with them to help them build ‘PRISM Brain Map’ in to a successful revenue model and working with in-house Practitioners to enable Corporates/Institutions to get the most out of ‘PRISM Brain Map’.

      His clientele includes Baxter, Novartis, Linex Linehaul, Zuari Industries, Syngenta, Cap Gemini, Putzmeister, World Gold Council, Murugappa Group, Hewlett Packard, Bank Mandiri (Indonesia) and many more. He has also introduced ‘PRISM Brain Map’ to academic institutions like SIESCOMS, PIMAR, Oriental Institute of Management, Kings College, BRIMS, Christ University and many more.


      Master ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioner – ‘PRISM Brain Map’, UK

      Certified Coach – Results Coaching, Australia

      Certified ‘PRISM Brain Map’ Practitioner, UK

      Train the Trainer Certification – LMQ , UK

      Investor in People Coach – IIP, UK


      Masters in Business Administration, Hull University, UK

      Bachelors of Law (LLB), Mumbai University, India

      Bachelors of Commerce, Mumbai University, India