Individual Mental Toughness – Silver

Individual Mental Toughness – Silver


There is widespread, growing interest in understanding the relationship between behavioural preferences and business success, and research has identified a cluster of nine behavioural strengths, or competencies, that are linked to both mental toughness and peak leadership performance.

Get insights in to:

• Self Belief • Determination
• Ambition • Independence
• Resilience • Competitiveness
• Self Management • Adaptability
• Optimism

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The PRISM Mental Toughness Inventory measures a candidate’s preference for each of those behaviours.

The PRISM Mental Toughness Inventory is an exciting advance in the ability to measure the building blocks that are scientifically linked to business success.

What will you get in Silver

Introduction Pages
8-Dimensional Map – Underlying
Mental Toughness competencies
Personal Narrative – Summary