Corporate Self Awareness – Gold

Corporate Self Awareness – Gold


PRISM Brain Mapping is the ultimate profiling instrument and provides users with the most comprehensive insights into a person’s behavioural preferences, highlighting key behaviour preferences and presenting how these can potentially become a weakness
For the first time in India, use the power of applied neuroscience to know yourself.

• Find out why you behave the way you behave
• How can you ‘adapt’ yourself to get what you want
• What is your Emotional Intelligence score
• What are the ideal career options for you
• Identify work environments that are suitable for you
• Identify behaviours to build effective relationships

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What will you get in Gold

Introduction Pages
8-Dimensional Map – Underlying
8-Dimensional Map – Consistent
8-Dimensional Map – Adapted
Introversion / Extroversion Profile
Dimension Key Points
Personal Narrative – Full
Job/Benchmark Comparison Map
Work Preference Profile
Work Aptitude/Work Environment Report
Quadrant Colour Characteristics
Career Development Analysis
Emotional Intelligence Report
The Big Five Report
Mental Toughness Report
Consultation with Certified PRISM Brain Map Practitioner – Included