Why people fail to adapt

“Be willing to change and adapt your behaviour preferences, because if you have decided a goal. Life won’t stay the same." We are all aware of the awesome power of setting goals and its ability to enthuse the person to make a change. However we are all too familiar with the inability of people [...]

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Theory about behaviour preferences

Most people have little insight into what ignites their day-to-day behaviour. What steer our behaviour? Often the reason of doing something is the influential forces that drive and direct our behaviour. These are based on a series of tacit beliefs that we have about ourselves. In a way, these self-beliefs determine the direction and [...]

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Why is PRISM different?

Do you have angry reactions to feedbacks instead of being open to it?Are you being closed to new experiences instead to opening to new behaviour preferences?Misunderstandings instead of understanding?Are you overstepping boundaries instead of showing high opinion for them?Being manipulative, dominant, or submissive to express your behavior characteristics?It is the brain's ability to perform all these [...]

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Challenging your own behavior will not leave you needing a lawyer!

A changed attitude and behaviour preference can bring you results. The most important product that we sell daily is not software, technology, real estate or insurance. The most important thing we sell daily is our behaviour. The ones who will buy your behavior preference tool India are people you will come across in the [...]

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