PRISM Brain Mapping Programs for Campus to Corporate

One of the biggest challenges every student goes through is the transition from college to corporate life.

All of a sudden, there is a transition from assignments & mid-semesters to team work and deadlines.

There is a vast difference in the way professors and managers operate.

  • Professors are focused on enhancing learning quotient. They look at improving subject matter understanding; evaluate on the overall learning ability and perhaps to an extent on the implementation.
  • From a manager’s perspective, there is a constant pressure to deliver and meet deadlines using the existing and derived knowledge. So, while one focuses on learning, the other focuses on significant leverage.

Student-life is mostly care-free, typically students live their timings, bunk classes, skip lessons and still make their grades if they burnt-mid night oil.

However, in a typical company setting, one is expected to be on time & one does not forget to attend a meeting. Also to a large extent, decision making is based on team work.

As a people development company we realize the importance of equipping students for the same.

It is our belief that in order to enhance the personal effectiveness of the students it is important for them to have a degree of behavioural awareness first and then look at personal development (i.e. managing those behaviours) leading up to a framework for them to enhance their personal effectiveness.

Our Campus to Corporate programs start from a tailor made 2 hour session to a full day for the students that will:

    • Orienting them to thinking how their behaviour is shaped and how to understand behaviours of others

  • Enhancing Personal effectiveness (Business, Email Etiquette and Personal Grooming)

PRISM Brain Mapping Programs for Faculty Development Programs

As part of our Faculty Development Programs we work with the faculty members to use PRISM Brain Mapping understand their own behaviour preferences and that of the students with whom they work.

Helping faculty members to delivery teaching modules based on personalised learning styles & strategies.

By working closely with our partnering schools, it has been determined that:

  • the use of specific learning strategies improves a student’s ability to master new tasks
  • effective instruction is achieved where teaching style matches the student’s learning style, but that…
  • the use of appropriate learning strategies mediate the effect of individual teacher/student characteristics on academic performance.

Uniquely, our PRISM Brain Mapping reports helps to determine a student’s natural way of approaching new tasks, skills and learning. It helps to build student-teacher relationships at the beginning of the term and to create learning environments that give a head-start to establishing understanding and appropriate learning strategies to optimise academic performance.

Build Teacher-Student harmony

When the faculty takes their own Brain Mapping in addition to a personalised teaching report, it helps them to identify where and what adaptations to style might be appropriate to help improve the productiveness of the classroom/teaching sessions.

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