The strain with Behavioural Neuroscience India is that it’s really very complex, scientific, long words, not always accessible. PRISM Brain Mapping brought it in a very simple and flexible way using personal tones for anyone to understand. The reports use Map, graphs, and colours to illustrate the behaviour preferences based on neuroscience.

PRISM Brain Mapping

PRISM Brain Mapping is a self-reporting behavioural instrument based on Neuroscience. It rests on the assumptions that our thoughts, feelings, perceptions and behaviour emerges from electrical and chemical communication between the brains.


Neuroscience is for recruitment, developing female leaders, career counselling for students, creating high performance team, 360 degree assessment, to improve business performance, global tool for 21st century, coaching, enhanced selling skills, performance management, and career transition.

NEED TO TAKE PRISM Brain Mapping Behavioral Neuroscience

PRISM Brain Mapping tells about the brain and how peoples brain work so as in organization we can work with the brain. There is a strong need of change of things for social connection. It is very important to stay emotionally in control when change is going on in an organization and more important is how to manage the emotions by being focused on performing


1. We know that creating insight is very different way from delivering information you need to put in of the learner, you need to make them have the experience for themselves for the new understanding and you need then to help them be able to think about how they apply that new understanding to their role or their job.
2. PRISM Brain Mapping through behavioural Neuroscience India is pointing us in a different direction which is learning programmes in different ways. E.g. we are engaging them practically within themselves so that they will remember much more about it and a better chance to actually apply it once the insight is clear. People work better when they know how rest people fundamentally think, process and feel and therefore they become more focused in the relationship which results in getting success quicker and better.


Every person has the potential to change the world. Potential is the capacity to become or develop into something in future, we have that unrealized ability within us. Also, there are two kinds of mindset every person has i.e. fixed mindset where you know you have got what you have got, nothing can be done to change that and then there is a growth mindset where you think to yourself I can get better, I can learn, I can change and I can improve. Discoveries have proved in the past 10-15 years that brain is remarkably elastic and has the capacity to change and adapt. E.g. if bad at puzzle solving then you put a lot of energy in right direction and you can be good at it.

Organizations are embracing a growth mindset, culture of continuous improvement. No matter where you start from, you do something better and you gradually get better. If you are going to improve, that’s what the organization is going to value you on.


Imagine a camel playing football. There are some things which we have never seen but our mind creates an imaginary picture. It’s a complex problem which requires sophisticated coordination inside your brain because brain takes familiar pieces and assembles them in new ways like a collage made from fragments of photos, brain has to juggle a sea of thousands of signal getting all to the destination in the right time. When you look at an object, thousand of neurons in the brain float which codes various characteristics. Neuroscience helps you encourage a development of a happier brain.


People dealing with the professionals or when training people, they are actually working with people’s brain. If we want to change behaviour, attitudes, increasing people skills levels or value levels what we are working with is brains so if we understand a little about the medium of operating it then it will be great way to go.


PRISM Brain Mapping revels how and why people respond to change, why do we find different behavioural preferences difficult to deal with or what do we need to get through this. PRISM Brain Mapping has related this state with neuroscience and the results were eureka moment.

Behavioural Neuroscience India is both appealing and practical, by understanding about our brain a lot of leaders has been working on to be as a leader. If you know how you and your followers brain work then a leader can:

1. Come up with strategies on how you can motivate your team members.
2. Work on a significant difference in how to lead their teams and their organizations.
3. How they can step by step create a vision and a path for people to be able to cope with the change and make the best out of it
4. Helping leaders understand how their own brain works and how the brain of their followers works so that they can adopt the style and the way their followers are working with the teams and helping them learn on the job.
5. Leaders become better role models when they realize that people need to know not just what they are doing but why they are doing it.


Neuroscience can help overcome organizational challenges and embrace new opportunities. Helping people understand the underlying science behind behaviour is the prime motive of PRISM Brain Mapping, that way clients can learn to work with the brain and not against it and thus improve the output of organization. Neuroscience provides a new lens so that people understand how different people processes and behaves. PRISM Brain Mapping offer not only the how but why and help you build a bridge between sciences, behaviour, leadership and business.

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