What is Emotional Intelligence?

The ability of individuals to identify own and other people’s emotions, by recognizing different feelings and classifying them appropriately, using information of emotional intelligence skills to guide thinking and behavior, and managing/adjusting emotions to adapt to environments.

When I realize it/ what I did

I was certainly one of them to realize. In due course, I came about to the turnover where I began to delineate and organize each diminutive emotion which I felt. Everything thereafter became simple. I mingled it with talent and proficiency that changed my life. You feel as if you are aware of that new authority you feel within yourself like you have practiced it every day thousands of times consciously and unconsciously.

Now you know you have it. You are now aware of it, once you are aware of it, you can control it. You then do not need any external power or motivation to complete you as a person. No influence in the world thereafter could de-motivate. Only an expression build an emotion and only an emotion build a relation.
A gesture could only be impressive if it makes you feel the emotion behind it of other person who is making the gesture. If you reach that level, you are there!


1. Empathy – when empathy is developed, we grow more intimate relationships by enhancing our experiences and general understanding of other people and world around us.
2. Emotional/social awareness – ability to harness emotions, applying that to thinking and problem solving.
3. Self awareness – ability to recognize and label own emotions which avoids negativity and fear.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the efforts to measure emotional intelligence skills India were not made out of peoples concern. We are living in 21st century and all the discoveries/worldly knowledge by words of mouth are made out of interest. The remarkable social science research and results for any program promoting behavioral change proved that improved results after increased IQ but they didn’t had a plan.

But we something more challenging Emotional Intelligence Skills

Today’s scenario doesn’t understand the importance of EQ like we discussed earlier in advantages, today knowing EQ, The goal is not just to reduce these problems, but,
1. To enhance personal and especially work performance
2. Improve their self-awareness and confidence
3. Manage disturbing emotions and impulses
4. Increase their empathy pays off not just in improved behavior but in measurable academic achievement

We, anyway find our way out from a situation like this which is taking the highway when clearly the never seen roads has it all and it certainly takes time and our generation has less of anything including patience.

Then I found a solution

Perhaps the biggest surprise for me has been the impact of PRISM Brain Mapping in the world of business, particularly in the areas of leadership and employee development and of course in my personal self in between business worlds often proves to be fads, with no real underlying substance and results. In addition with that, PRISM Brain Mapping has guidelines for organizations seeking to enhance their ability to achieve their business goals or fulfill a mission including helpful in Recruitment |360 Degree Feedback | Team Building | Job Benchmarking |Leadership Development |Succession Planning |Communication Skills |Performance Management
Emotional Intelligence Profiling |Mental Toughness Profiling


PRISM Brain Mapping report for emotional intelligence skills however has proved to be the critical factor for me that set star performers apart from the rest of the pack. It helped me to intangibly felt or affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.

I can now say that I’m comfortable with these terms
Self-Awareness | Self-Management | Social competence |Social Awareness | Relationship Management counselor

Every day is authoritative and realistic for me now. I now focus all my energy in one direction.

Emotional intelligence skills in India is the strongest predictor of performance; it can also be developed with time. When I took PRISM Brain Mapping, I at first had difficulty in handling change but nothing was worth than a direction I decided to walk on.

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