The sheer number of team building events and team building ideas that exist in the world would startle anyone. A simple Google search on team building ideas should show you just how many ideas there are out there for you to choose from regarding good team building activities for your organization.

But the problem with too many options is, of course, indecision. It becomes increasingly difficult to pick the right team building idea for your organization with the increasing number of available ideas. We would like to take the first step in untangling the confusion for you by offering an idea that is not widespread but proven to be extremely effective for organizational success: off-site team building events.

By far an offsite team build is a popular option, taking employees away from the office ensures better focus on learning – the focus shifts away from everything else and rests solely on interactions with each other.

An off-site team building activity, or a ‘destination team building activity’ so to speak, provides just the kind of environment required for removing the focus from the unwanted variables mentioned above. When you are in a faraway location, with no one but your teammates, you will be surprised with how much more you empathize with the very same individuals that you used to get so annoyed with during your day to day work at the office.

Here are the top 5 benefits of an offsite team building event:

1) Higher productivity and focus due to less distractions.
2) Face to face networking time between employees, which is rare in this technological age.
3) Camaraderie is visibly higher within co-workers after they spend time together in a different environment than they are used to.
4) New sights and sounds are shown to aid in creativity
5) A chance for your employees to work ON the business and not just IN the business.

A well designed off-site team building activity has the potential to create an experience that will change your organization’s team dynamics permanently.

PRISM Brain Mapping offers companies in India and UK with such an opportunity by conducting off-site team building events in Goa, India.

Goa is a beautiful destination and needs no introduction – with team building programs to suit all budgets it provides an ideal backdrop for the teams to take time away from their regular routines to spend quality time focusing on Company objectives with a clear mind. Goa is an ideal locale for your employees to spend quality time together, and gain an enriching team experience that would benefit not only the organizational performance but would also benefit every member involved on a personal growth level.

Running out of team building ideas or confusing regarding picking the right team building activity should no longer be a worry for you. Contact PRISM Brain Mapping for details regarding our next event and how it can benefit your organization.