Often those who are complex claim to be sophisticated but sophistication is often visible in simplicity.

PRISM Brain Mapping is a sophisticated online neuroscience based tool, it is designed to identify behaviour preferences in an individual to bring out simplicity in the thoughts.

A man is a product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he become – Mahatma Gandhi

PRISM provides distinct profiles or maps of a person’s behaviour; how he or she naturally prefers to behave, the extent to which he or she feels it necessary to modify that behaviour on occasions to achieve key objectives, and the overall pattern of behaviour that he or she tends to use for most of the time.

How to be more sophisticated? – How PRISM Brain Mapping can help.

  • “Sophistication isn’t what you wear and who you know; from my perception, I believe sophistication is a style. It’s an approach that you develop to perceive the world around you.

Neuroscience has proved that “Brain is remarkably elastic in terms of its capacity for change.”PRISM allows you to understand your own insights, how you perceive the world.

  • You can appear to look sophisticated by keeping your social graces, listening more, being groomed, maintaining good posture, learning table manners but it won’t last for long if you are thinking complex. Staying true to who you are and accepting your overdone potential to work for them truly makes you sophisticated.

PRISM identifies dimensions of your preferred behaviour preferences and state strengths and potential weaknesses if strengths are overdone in tabular form which is easy to understand.

  • You will be useful to obtain detailed information about yours and group feelings, perceptions and opinions. The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.

PRISM provides text narratives based on your responses that you give in the PRISM inventory which allows you to understand what you are most comfortable with.

  • You can provide a broader range of information offering the opportunity to seek clarification.

PRISM provides descriptors you are least comfortable with, which allow you to accept and seek opportunity to make those behaviour preferences you are least comfortable with, your strength.

  • Discussion making can be time consuming if you are not self-aware. If you are simple in your thoughts, interviewing, analysing, giving feedbacks, reporting and decision making could be very easy.

Knowing yourself from neuroscience point of view will make you self-aware to the extent that it will be beneficial for you in multiple applications.

  • You will be clear in your point of view or perception or opinion about a belief, attitude, product, service, concept, and advertisement, ideas of self and other people. You will be wise in having or sowing experience, knowledge and good judgement.

PRISM provides different maps which describe your natural point of view, inherent point of view and point of view under pressure. It allows you to be clear in your thoughts and behaviour.

Why to choose PRISM Brain Mapping for achieving sophistication?

It’s Fun – Instead of focusing on understanding behaviour preferences of others and adapting diverse behaviours to own behavioural system to learn how to be more sophisticated, if you start to focus on your own behaviour preferences, you will not go out labelling and judging people which btw is a sign of non-sophistication – Using own insight to their advantage would be more fun.

You don’t fall into trap – By understanding your behavioural preferences, you can prevent yourself from falling into the trap of assuming that life is complex. Life is not complex, people are: life is sophisticated.

You will worry less – The trick is to communicate with your-self before you go out and brag yourself. This will prevent you from worrying about what other people think, with the confidence that what you are doing is right and good for you. Sophistication demand to be honest with yourself, it does not require ill temper by worrying about other people.

Cats are an example of sophistication minus civilization (hope no one’s a fanatical cat lover here!!)

Simple decisions – We all want simple decisions, experience of being self is more than how other people see us. Being simple and sophisticated will help you make decisions faster.  It will help you answer one simple question, “is this right for me?”


Sophistication requires a sharper and broader edge than those who are just self-aware. To learn how to be more sophisticated requires a transformation from the educated concept of self as centre of the world to a fully mature, erudite self as a being amongst the world and an agent for positive change. PRISM Brain Mapping allows you to understand your area of interest depending on your behaviour preferences so that you can as an individual develop or stop overusing your strength in order to reach your goal in personal as well as in professional life. Be so good in doing that, that people can’t ignore your visions.

PRISM Brain Mapping allows you to assess your behaviour preferences to quantify your individual trait preferences to choose how to behave to achieve success. And that is sophistication.

Know you’re own behavior preferences.

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