Let’s imagine you are in a car heading home.

There will be many experiences on your way: good, bad, worse or you will be even lost in between. You will find a way to your home even after diversions and distractions; you will struggle but you will never quit. You might move slowly when obstacles arise, distractions might change your direction but not the decision. You will face your greatest opposition; you will constantly push yourself higher and harder to reach home on time. There will be something to learn from each experience.

Experiences and opportunities are different for different people.

Now imagine you are in someone else’s car.

You will find that each person is going through the same battle but how they perceive their plan to travel home is different from how you do. By observing them, you learn to handle difficulties from different points of view. As said, “We don’t learn from experience, instead we learn from reflecting on experiences.”

I will be using “PRISM colours” just to illustrate different behaviour preferences colours in an individual.

  • Blue – Some people will prefer taking time of their own; they will tend to drive unhurriedly. They will be careful with who they are driving with. They will allow you to listen your favourite track in their car; they will make sure they drop you at your stop without any conflict or pressure.
  • Reds – Some people will race like Michael Schumacher; they will compete to win with other cars. They might even break rules if necessary. They will avoid any distraction in between like small talks.
  • Golds – Some people will first Google about roads with least traffic. They will even check fuel, in short they will meticulous about every detail. Once they are satisfied, they will drive their home self-contained.
  • Greens – Some people will have fun while driving. They might stop at a friend’s house, pick them up and spontaneously plan for another trip. They will be excited about each thing that comes on the way.  behaviour preferences colours

This is just an example of how people prefer to drive their car back home. Let me show you what happens when these behaviour preferences colours are overdone.

  • Blues – they will tend to feel bad easily if you will not say a nice goodbye in the end.
  • Reds – they will not like if someone will ask them to slow down.
  • Golds – they will start to nag even if the road they selected had a little traffic.
  • Greens – they will end up reaching their home late.

Imagine them using these behaviour preferences at the workplace.

PRISM Brain Mapping highlights the impact of various work environment factors on individuals. PRISM will allow you to understand the closet match between your preferences and work environment so that you can enjoy and value your work because “it’s good to have an end to the journey, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”

Know you’re own colour preferences.

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