Personality Colours

Reds are competitive, strong willed and control focused, they are mostly interested in getting things done.

Greens are enthusiastic, interactive and expressive; they are all about people and fun.

Golds are about organizing, analytical, task-oriented and private

Blues avoids making mistakes and conflict situations; they are stable, harmonizing and accommodating

In general people are more complex in these colours/kinds and most people are combination of more than one colour.

PRISM Brain Mapping provides useful ways to understand people and their behaviours.

While conflict is possible between any of the colour.

Reds and Reds

Besides getting things done, Reds also have a tendency to make quick decisions and does not question the decision after it’s been made. This tendency gives an impression that they are always right. Therefore putting more than one red in a group may cause workplace conflict because each one wants to be the decision maker and believes his/her choices are correct.

Reds and Blues

Because the Reds have no problem in making decisions even if they don’t have enough information which puts in him in a natural conflict with the Blue. Blues natural tendency is not to make decision with the fear of being wrong. Blues will go out of their way to avoid Workplace conflicts while Reds are not fazed by confrontation. In many interactions Blues could be confrontated by the Reds. Blues will therefore see Reds as being too pushy or bossy. Because the Blue wants to avoid workplace conflict, he/she will suppress the conflict and the Red may be completely misunderstood and feel that the Blue is being the boss which could lead to conflicts.

Reds and Greens 

Workplace conflicts

Greens are probably interested in people and fun and have very low task orientation. This low task orientation means that Greens have lesser interest in details while reds are driven by details, lists and tasks. The reds will become frustrated because to him Greens never seems to be organized or get much done. The Greens get annoyed because the Reds never want to talk or socialize and only seem to be interested in data.

Here is an easy way to resolve all of these workplace conflicts between different personality colours at work and business:

  1. Self awareness – understanding your own personality
  2. Understand what are your tendencies
  3. Learn to quickly identify personalities of other people – as you learn more about different personalities, you will easily be able to spot them within the people you interact with on daily basis –workplace, business, personal life

This will solve conflicts before they can even began

You have to step forwards first as other person might never do it, they don’t have the personality inside which you have

Ways to do that

PRISM Brain Mapping – A self reporting behavioural instrument based on Neuroscience specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

Know you’re own and other personalities

The difference now and then will speak itself.
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