The World Economic Forum report predicts that the Emotional Quotient (EQ) will be one of the top 10 skills to look out for while hiring employees by 2021.
Research shows persuasively that EQ is more important than intelligence quotient (IQ) in almost every role and many times more in leadership roles.

High EQ employees are beneficial to their organizations because

  • They build great relationships with their co-workers and clients
  • Are graceful and calm in adverse and high stress situations
  • They can provide considered response to others’ actions, demonstrating maturity and trust

Well-recognized as important for communication, management, problem-solving and relationship building, emotional intelligence is a skill that may not be inherent but can be developed through training and practise.

Emotional intelligence is commonly defined by these factors


Knowing how to manage your stress and being emotionally present, contributes to one’s choices, which in turn allows them to control their impulsive behaviour and take better and well- thought decisions.


Recognize your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behaviour. You know your strengths and weaknesses. But being able to connect to your emotions is the key to understanding how your thoughts and actions are affected.

Social Awareness

This means understanding the emotions, needs, and concerns of others, taking on emotional cues, feeling socially comfortable, and recognising the dynamics of power in a group or organisation.


This includes understanding the emotional make-up of other people and considering other people’s feelings, especially when making decisions. Some of the trademarks of empathy include expertise in hiring and retaining top talent, ability to develop others, and sensitivity to cross-cultural differences.

Relationship Management

Keep an open-door policy, and show that you care about them.
Understand why you need to explain your decisions before you make them, and what causes the conflict. Learn how criticism and stonewalling destroy relationships and how to provide feedback that inspires and connects you rather than disconnects you from others.

Knowing oneself and others is a key element of emotional intelligence. It gives you the perspective and the skills you need to make the most of others and create a collaborative team that is inspired by each individual’s unique contribution to the whole.

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