As people around the world celebrated New Year’s Eve 12 months ago, a new global threat had emerged.

Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over our lives in unfathomable ways and caused massive disruption to families, societies and economies around the world. Coming into 2021, everyone is prepared to gear up and start the race!

The Corona Virus Pandemic had increased emphasis on the ‘Human resources and Management’ aspect in a corporate setting. Meanwhile their focus had shifted to enhancing skills of their employees.


2021 might not be as easy as other years, the year might have changed but the pandemic is still there. It is the best time to focus on your strengths and work on them.


Now is the right time to learn about adaptability and incorporate it at workplace for a smoother ride.

Emotional Intelligence

We like to know a lot about our Intelligence quotient, why not get to know our emotional intelligence a little more?

Effective Communication

Effective communication can work wonders when it comes to maintaining employee satisfaction.

Team Work

To promote good team work, it becomes essential to understand and get a feedback from your colleagues and peers.

Live streaming

With online platforms soring to unimaginable heights, it is essential to keep up with the trend.

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Know Theory about behavior preferences

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