Innovation comes from curiosity and curiosity comes from observing, learning and exploring self and other humans. Innovation is an asset in the world of work. Many people from a very young age have a hunger to discover surroundings. It influences their capabilities and abilities to learn from observing and analysing which has/and is helping them discover innovative business ideas that has created a huge impact in the world of business.


Exploiting new ideas leading to the creation of a new product, process or service.

Innovation at Workplace / Organization

Innovations at work involves taking up small projects to management restructuring. Also, development of customer value through solutions that meets new/unarticulated/ market needs in unique ways is also an innovation. Considering/ reasoning, analysing, generating and implementing an idea for organizational growth sums up all.

Why are Innovations important/ Need?

Organizations are adopting instruments and ways to strengthen their ability to innovate because growing competition and strong demand is driving them to change. Organizations today are aware that innovation leads to business transformation, profitability, improved management and sustainability. Innovation doesn’t really have to be a massive change; innovation can also be responding to increase customer expectations and choices, smiling at colleagues 10 times a day or simply eating together during lunch can be innovation from the leader. Little things maximize organizational connectivity.

 Benefits innovative business ideas

Successful innovations:

  1. Increases productivity by creating and executing new processes.
  2. Encourages engagement of employees as power of internal crowd can create, invent and innovate new products, processes and services.
  3. Achieving business growth goals and improving bottom line results.
  4. New ideas attract shareholders, mergers and acquisitions.
  5. Productivity and efficiency increase profitability.

Opportunities, possibilities and failures in business and organizations are uncertain and volatile. As human are the strongest race, they have the capability to think and analyse circumstances and come up with innovative business ideas.

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Combination of ideas, objects and people leads to innovation resulting in new innovative business ideas.

  1. Asking right questions to your-self while putting your shoes in frontline/situation.
  2. Have patience while observing/analyzing the situation.
  3. Create a state where it becomes effortless and time seems to have no value, meaning that you don’t fear rush and you come in a calm state.
  4. While others might panic you create new goals with your ability that challenges your strengths, let other people contribute in ideas too (each one is striving a change).
  5. Appreciate every idea and use their strength too. To do this you need to recognize your staff’s strengths.

We view world through our own biases and experiences. We end up thinking our way is the right way and in some cases, the only way. In order to come up with a brilliant business innovation idea, you need to let others use their strengths as well.

Read how PRISM Brain Mapping will help you to come up with Innovative idea

Your Old self aren’t not going to result in the visionary, creative ideas and innovative solutions required to solve them. The first thing about understanding innovation is that, the idea is there, thing left is the essence about seeing, perceiving and solving in creative ways!

  1. Identifying your most innovative employees.
  2. Helps in recognizing your staff’s strengths and areas of improvement so that you can use it while making innovations and make a better team and better company.
  3. Helps you become self- aware. Self-aware people become leaders and leaders can adapt any situation confidently and come up with fast and productive innovative business ideas.
  4. PRISM Brain Mapping is a self reporting behavioural instrument which will help you in understanding feedbacks from clients and candidates.
  5. It helps you in identifying personality traits that are important for learning/developing innovation skills.


Innovation unlocks our potential. Only when we will implement our thoughts into actions, we will come up to know where we stand. And if you are a curious and positive person you will enjoy the journey of looking at situations from unusual angles.

In the same visionary spirit, Jobs said, “innovation is a situation we choose because we have a burning passion for something”.

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