No matter how much puzzled and confound you get while making a career choices in India, career change or fulfilling present career, you cannot come to a conclusion with immense satisfaction without knowing two things.

  1. Your unique quality
  2. An answer to one question – what to do next?

Everybody says seek your sole purpose and we strive to hunt by thinking about life, listing qualities and weaknesses, enjoying being a better person and motivating ourselves by being that person forever. But when circumstances go beyond a comfortable zone, we panic and the pressure of finding answer of ‘What is the right career for me?’ adds on it and we get confused. We end up being in a bad fit role and hence choose wrong career choices in India. Some people continue to false rant about it and some dwell in and get used to it.

The point being here is that if given a chance, wouldn’t you love to be in a place where you are passionate to learn and not just going like a machine for cheques? 50% of your day from your own life is spent at work. It’s a self explanatory statement that work has to be something which you love and you are passionate about. This all comes from a right career decision you make.

PRISM Brain Mapping is a self-reporting behavioural instrument based on neuroscience. It gives you feedback in form of a report which gives the analysis of your responses to the inventory through colours, maps and charts which are easy to understand as why and how the dynamic interactions which take within the brain and affects your behaviour preferences.

Career Choices

PRISM Brain Mapping reports tells detailed summary about your strengths, weaknesses, profiles which indicate you, discomfort environments for you, considerations for your behavioural preferences which help you to discover traits about yourself that might have never occurred to you before.

PRISM Brain Mapping reports helps in:

  1. Identification of your best traits and qualities.
  2. Your reaction to difficult periods of life.
  3. Inner strengths.
  4. Identifications of interest and passions
  5. Warning signs from your body when you began to feel stressed pressured (neuroscience).
  6. Understanding values traits.
  7. Activities you enjoy.
  8. How much role intuitions play in your decision.
  9. Embracing your eccentrics

PRISM Brain Mapping reports are highly advantageous as it helps you in becoming self-aware and identify your interest for better career choices in India. Our PRISM Brain Mapping Practitioners possess advance certification that could help you in order to gain an insight to your report.

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