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Currently, 29% of Indian corporates use personality inventories to screen candidates for a job profile eg: Asian paints, Accenture, IndiGo, Credit Sussie etc.

How can a personality or behaviour inventory be helpful?

A personality or behaviour inventory is a method for self-assessment used by career counsellors and other practitioners in career development to help individuals learn about their styles of personality. It reveals data on the social traits, interests, strengths and weaknesses, and attitudes of individuals. Experts think that these variables play an important role in the success and happiness of jobs and professions.

Most personality inventories are based on psychological theories with low reliability results when it comes to employment, career development or recruitment.

This is where PRISM pioneers a new way for understanding behaviours and personality styles.

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What is PRISM brain map and how does it work?

PRISM is a neuroscience-based instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

Rather than the theoretical concepts of many traditional tests, PRISM measures the things that people like doing and the behavioural characteristics related to those things. These results can increase the individual’s work performance and enhance the chances of career success.

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PRISM uses colours to illustrate behavioural preferences for easier understanding. The PRISM maps reflect the complex activities that take place within the brain. The effects of several parts of the brain working together are all our feelings, emotions and behaviours.

The PRISM chart shows the relationship between the brain’s right hemisphere (Green and Blue) and the brain’s left hemisphere (Gold and Red), plus the brain’s front half, the motor cortex (Gold and Green), and the brain’s rear half, the sensory cortex (Red and Blue). As a person switches between these two preferences, he or she may display very different-even opposite-behaviours.

Now, you have the opportunity to know your own behaviour preferences. Take a ‘PRISM Brain Map’ inventory for yourself.

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